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Northfield, Gill and Bernardston, Massachusetts and neighboring Towns in the upper Pioneer Valley, Southern New Hampshire and Southern Vermont lie at the heart of New England, where three Beautiful states meet on both sides of the majestic Connecticut River.

Across the wide flood plain, the land rises on the east and west to form miles and miles of rolling hills and state forest and quaint villages with a growing number of amenities. In the 17th century, Northfield and Deerfield were some of the earliest places English settlers explored after arriving here from Europe. The grand homes they built in Northfield create one of the most dramatic and classic streetscapes found anywhere in New England and the preservation of historic Deerfield enable visitors to experience that past. The mills that drew power from the rivers house new amenities like artist galleries, breweries and fine art studios. The regions's considerable natural and man-made resources offer the opportunity for numerous outdoor activities like hiking and paddling. Our rich agricultural lands support a growing farm-to-table movement, and a lively and growing arts community offers special events throughout the year. Our educational instutions give the region a vibrancy and diversity seldom found outside urban areas. Centrally located literally at the crossroads of New England, an hour from Hartford and two hours from Boston or Albany, we invite you to come and explore all we have to offer.

Whether you begin your own exploration of our area from points north, from Boston and Albany via Route 2, or up from Connecticut, New York and points south on Interstate 91, you will know immediately that you have entered a special place. The strikingly beautiful landscape, the range of recreational activities available and the area's rich culture, artistry and history, coupled with a slower pace and country charm, are here to savor and enjoy again and again.

Sponsor - Five Acre Farm

Five Acre Farm, home of FAF Growers and Five Acre Farm Greenhouses. We are a wholesale and retail garden center located conveniently on the border of Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire!

Bill Randall purchased Five Acre Farm in 1979 as a vegetable farm and farm stand. Through the years Five Acre Farm began growing more and more plant material ourselves for our retail store. In the mid 80's we started producing plugs for our own use and began wholesaling finished product on a small level, then by the late 80's we were wholesaling plugs as well. In the mid 90's we started getting more into rooted cuttings and finished perennials for wholesale. Over the years we have expanded our operation from a few wooden structure greenhouses to over 3 acres of modern greenhouses. We produce around 25,000 flats of annual plugs, 15,000 flats of rooted liners, 100,000 quarts and 25,000 gallons of perennials each year. We also have 7 acres of outdoor production for fall crops of mums, asters and cabbage and kale.

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